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Press release. Enjoy these photos while we turn this space into a proper archive. :-)

Amiga: 30 Years

"An unprecedented feast of Amiga history"

Thirty years ago Commodore revealed a computer that enabled people to achieve remarkable things. It made such impact that after all this time there still is a lot to tell, learn, and enjoy, so…

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Let’s celebrate!

If you grew up with Amiga come over to The Lighthouse in Amsterdam, June 27th, 2015. We’ll throw an event to revive history with a bunch of special guests that will blend with the crowd. We will take good care of all of you. It will be a great weekend.


We chose the city of Amsterdam so you may stay for the weekend and meet up with some (old) friends. Besides the usual food and drinks we headline entertaining guests (see below), switched-on Amigas, a free disk imaging service by the KryoFlux team.1 A fair, a raffle, and some interesting surprises…

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(1) Everyone will get a fair chance to recover their long forgotten works of art, sourcecode, recipes, demos, et cetera. However, if you haul a 40-feet freight container stashed with disks please consider the nifty device itself. :-)


We feature a Viva Amiga preview movie especially made for Amiga 30 Amsterdam. Not the full one, but an amazing 20-minute taste of what's to come!

Thanks to Cloanto – who will also be present – we can hand out the Amiga Forever Plus Edition 2014 to all our guests, essentially nulling the entrance fee. :-)

Special guests

Stories! The blood and gore from the trenches! We know you can provide some epic ones and withal we’ve got a setlist of people with knowledge to share, including but not limited to:

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Probably the most important asset in the history of the Amiga.

Dave Haynie

Former Commodore engineer. Has seen it all. Responsible for electrical fires.

David Pleasance

Former general manager of Commodore UK Ltd. Mastermind behind the planned management buy-out.

RJ Mical

Had a significant hand in the creation of the Amiga. Has a beard too.

Franck Sauer

Artist. Mind the capital ‘A’. Shaped visuals in Unreal and Agony.

István Fábián

Creator of Abandoned Places 1 & 2. Amiga copy protections oracle.

Ultimate PPC team

The brand new Amiga expansion card released by its creators. Vapourware status debunked!


War… never been so much fun. Founder of Sensible Software. Give the man a guitar!

Christian Bartsch

Worked at Cachet Software and caused screen burn to many 1084 monitors. *Poing!*

DJ Echo

From Jesus on Es to Amsterdam on Es. Not only the CDTV and CD32 combined Amiga and lasers!

Jens Schönfeld

Jens creates hardware, tried and true, and – again – brings something new!

Mike Dailly

The DMA Design staffer behind Grand Theft Auto, Shadow of the Beast and Lemmings.

Dan Wood &
Ravi Abbott

A.k.a. TechGuruUK & The4mula. They took the Amiga to YouTube, now they take on Amsterdam!

Petro Tyschtschenko

Last emperor of Amiga. Walks the Walker and sells a book.

Trevor Dickinson

The ONE who put the X in Amiga!

Joe Pillow

Joined the mile high club in 1984.

Carl Sassenrath

The multitasking revolutionary, creator of Amiga OS kernel, and part-time winemaker.

Frank Geisler

Worked at Commodore Büromaschinen GmbH. Digging up internal memos as well as good stories.

Allister Brimble

Warning! Destruction imminent!

Andrew Barnabas

Fought Double Dragons and made so much SWIV it hurts. Also, gifted musician.

Chris Huelsbeck

Father of the tracker and serial video game music composer.

Factor 5

Forged many hit games like the well known Turrican series.

Matthew Leaman

If you need AmigaKit he's the "Go-to Guy".


Heads up to our main sponsors who were fully involved with Amiga. On the sly, they still are. ;-)

Snakeware digital identity
A-EON Technology Ltd. AMIStore App Store for AmigaOS
Friend Software Labs

Our other lovely donors:

General information

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Check out The Lighthouse.

For inquiries contact [enable javascript to reveal email address]. Check the FaceBook event page, enter #amiga30 on IRCnet, or tailgate @amiga30years on Twitter.

Public transit and parking cars

All you need to know about public transport here.

Because parking a car in Amsterdam unprepared is like entering a monster-infested dungeon without a lit candle and a sword, we strongly advise you to buy a parking ticket beforehand! You can obtain digital passes that are valid for a day or longer. If you want to park close to the Lighthouse, a day pass costs EUR 14,40. The city of Amsterdam enables you to buy tickets here.

Enter the street name “Krijn Taconiskade 432” in the search field that says “Zoek op straatnaam en huisnummer:” and choose your desired parking product. Your car will be identified by your license plate number.

For alternatives – like parking in the city’s outskirts and traveling by public transport – or general information about parking in Amsterdam, see this website.


We have been trying to narrow down the options to only the most convenient. These are our recommended hotels: decent, all are within short distance of the event and close to public transportation and/or close enough for an affordable taxi ride. We have not been able to negotiate any special rates due to the fact that A) the event is in Amsterdam and B) hotels only wanted to do this if we could guarantee a certain number of rooms booked, which we can’t realistically do. Of course you are welcome to book any hotel or lodging facility you’d like - as long as you’re going to be present at the Amiga event of this century! (The red burns my eyes.)


Tulip Inn Amsterdam Riverside, 93.60 EUR/night and up


Holiday Inn Arena Towers, 144 EUR/night and up
Hampton by Hilton Arena Boulevard, 116 EUR/night and up


Conservatorium Hotel, 525 EUR/night and up

Frequently asked questions

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Can I bring my computer?
You can, but there is a limited number of tickets available for those who wish to set up an Amiga. We kindly request you to only bring your computer, and purchase the dedicated ticket, when you want to switch the thing on and show stuff, or have your system add to the event otherwise.
But… but I?
Of course, if you, for whatever reason, want plastic signed, you are welcome to take along your gear. Please consider bringing it in parts though and tuck it away afterwards.
I am a vegetarian.
That’s not a question.
Do you serve vegetarian food?
Yes. If you order lunch, we will ask you a few weeks before the event.
Is this a demoparty?
The demoscene has played an important role in the success of the Amiga and we will embrace and spend time on the subject, but no, it is not. Therefore, demosceners, disguise yourselves!
I don’t like to pay fees to Eventbrite. Can I pay in another way?
You don’t like fees, we don’t like headaches. This event is organised in the spare time of and by seven individuals - we’d like to keep things as simple as possible. The small fee is because of that and we sincerely hope you won’t mind paying it in order to make our life just that little bit easier.
I’m a little tight on money, can I pay later?
Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. Ask your friends and family if they can help you out. We are not a bank.
Argh! Amsterdam? Can I park my car without selling a kidney?
A miracle has happened! Quite cheap, plenty of space and close by!
Can I …?
No. Most certainly not.

Thanks to Paul Kitching for the Amiga30 logo. Topaz+ TrueType font by dMG/t!s^dS!

Commodore Amiga screenshot close-up